Our Story

In 2020 we, Felix and Sebastian, launched Venerate. Our decades of experience in inline skating, characterised by tight and stiff carbon skates, sparked the idea of integrating this proven technology into our other passion - cycling. This crossover approach, based on our experience as professional athletes and Sebastian's technical expertise as an engineer, is the foundation and heart of Venerate.

A well-fitting full carbon shoe that meets the highest standards of stiffness and comfort is a crucial element for success in inline skating at a world class level. It was a mystery to us why cycling should be any different - especially when you consider that the distances are often much greater, with riders often having to complete three-week national tours of around 3500km, sometimes in extreme weather conditions.

Despite these challenges, many manufacturers still rely on poor materials and do not offer the option of customising the fit of cycling shoes. From the very beginning, our goal was to change this without losing sight of our core values of innovation and sustainability.

At Venerate we want all our products to reflect a fresh, dynamic and inclusive spirit. This is our aspiration, our vision and what sets us apart at Venerate.