The heatmolding process of our VENERATE shoes is fast, easy and very effective.

What you need: Shoes, socks, oven and a wet towel

Several easy steps:

-Preheat your oven to 80°C (175 °Fahrenheit).

-Mark your cleat position before taking them off your shoes. The insole can remain inside your shoes.

-Once the temperature is reached, place your shoes inside the oven and set a timer to 12 minutes.

-In case you have a special pressure point you can use a tissue or most other small objects and place them right onto the area where you have a pressure point. If necessary you can put some tape above to make sure it will remain in place. Then put on your socks.

-Once the 12 minutes are over you can take out your shoes and place them onto a flat surface in front of you.

-Step in carefully and use the atop system to tighten them to a comfortable tight fit.

-Make sure your knees are roughly above your toes and remain in this position for a couple of minutes.

-If you want to tighten the heel lock you should use your hands to apply pressure from instep and heel.

-To speed up the cooling down process use a wet towel to bring the carbon shell back to room temperature.

-That’s it! You can take the shoes off again, let them cool down for another couple of minutes and remount your cleats. Now all you need to do is go for your next ride!